Email passwords in plain text?

Why do so many sites continue to send me welcome emails with both my username and password in the same message?

I just signed up for the account two seconds ago.  If I forget my password, just email me some link to go reset it or find a way to securely give me some sort of hint.

Thank you to both WordPress and Shozu for exposing my passwords for me this week.


3 Responses to “Email passwords in plain text?”

  1. Lisa W Says:

    Hi Lori. Thanks for telling me about this one. I mentioned it to ShoZu last week, and in response, they changed their welcome email so that it no longer shows your password in your registration email. If you’ve got any other feedback, let me know.

    If you’re a reader with feedback for ShoZu, please contact them. They’re very good about following-up on feedback:

  2. lorifraleigh Says:

    Thanks Lisa – I know you said you’d follow up last week and I appreciate it!

  3. travvysaveler Says:

    Maybe if you wrote a requirements document for them, they would do your bidding. 😛

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